VESALIUS Runs on Windows 8

Windows 8, the newest version of the Windows operating system from Microsoft, was officially available from end October 2012.

With the announcement of VESALIUS 10.1, novaHEALTH has also kept abreast of technology changes and released a version that runs on Windows 8, and more specifically Internet Explorer (IE) 10.

The latest version takes advantage of the Windows 8 – IE 10 combination that delivers improved performance and enhanced security features. IE 10 is ideal for touch – designed to handle simultaneous points of touch and gesture-based input for demanding web-applications. The mobile features that will serve as the future platform for development targeted at touch screen devices.

The new release is backward-compatible, i.e. compatibility-tested on Windows XP SP3 with IE 8 and Windows 7 SP1 with IE 9 so that customers can continue to operate VESALIUS from legacy workstations on either of these environments.


VESALIUS.geo is a comprehensive web-based solution that helps hospitals manage their patient information, through incorporated best-practices drive improvements in frontline & healthcare services with embedded patient-safety measures.

Read more about VESALIUS here.

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