Hospitals & Healthcare Groups

Healthcare organisations around the world are striving to decrease costs, improve efficiency without compromising on the quality of care.

VESALIUS is designed to facilitate info-communications and to streamline processes between departments. Developed on a single integrated platform, it serves the wide-ranging needs of hospital administrators, caregivers, paraclinicals and most importantly, patients. VESALIUS’ unique architecture allows healthcare groups to implement a centralised system that is intelligently deployed to multiple hospitals – sharing critical information such as medical records and restricting data access to a need-only basis.

Cloud-Based Specialist Clinics

AVICENNA Specialist Clinic Management System is a fully integrated system which takes care of the administrative needs and clinical aspects of patient management in a healthcare facility from a single practitioner clinic to a multi-specialist outpatient centre with unrivalled user experiences.

Architected as a cloud-based solution, AVICENNA is designed primarily to ensure seamless integration and harmonization of clinical & administrative processes to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in patient care and services. Together with our hosting partner, a Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS) certified data centre, novaHEALTH is offering clinicians secured access to AVICENNA and at the same time, reaping a variety of cost and efficiency benefits such as:

Reduced cost of entry with no upfront heaving investment
Improved Accessibility from anywhere via Internet
Resiliency of robust architecture from cloud infrastructure
Easing of IT operations

From the time a patient makes an appointment to see a doctor, to registration upon arrival, follow by consultation with the specialist and finally the billing stages, efforts have been channelled to engineer the system to run optimally with foci on patient’s safety and fast turnaround time of service.

System Inter-Operability

From a system perspective, Nova understands that the healthcare environment is typically heterogeneous and this poses challenges where patient seeks care from multiple departments and external medical facilities. VESALIUS Standard Integration Framework (SIF) was developed to help our customers to mitigate the integration risks in their projects. Packaged with a HL7 interface engine, SIF facilitates information exchange between disparate systems.

In tearing down system walls, it allows the hospital to operate smoothly without worrying about gaps in critical medical data within the hospital or extending patient care outside its environment.

Data Visualization

VESALIUS Ad-hoc Reports module is an adaptive authoring environment for bespoke reporting needs and supported by VESALIUS multi-faceted data repository – an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database to meet the differing aspects of administrative, operational, clinical support and clinical needs of a dynamic healthcare organisation.

While VESALIUS provides a list of standard reports to serve the basic reporting needs, hospital administrators and healthcare decision-makers have a wider range of responsibilities that demand freedom to independently create ad-hoc queries, build custom reporting and set-up active charts.