The release of VESALIUS 11.1 in the 2nd quarter of 2014 promises to bring exciting enhancements to our flagship solution.

The new version sees a complete revamp of our Clinical Toolkit, a sub-module that facilitates clinical documentation through a library of medical images and tools to annotate and draw on these images.

Developed using HTML5, the Clinical Toolkit promises better performance and flexibility. Aside from existing features, future planned improvements are:

  • Acquiring of images with the webcam for annotating which is useful for specialties such as ophthalmology and dermatology.
  • Ability to present a image progression through visits of the annotations
  • Ability to “objectize” the image together with its annotations. As an object, the drawing can be embedded into the clinical templates or reports

For our customers in Malaysia, they can look forward to an additional interface: to MyKad, the national identity card reader for quick patient verification. New web-services are developed to seamlessly read from the smart card and facilitate quick registration or admission.

Version 11.1 also sees the launch of a new module: Accounts Receivables. Some of the features include credit & debit notes, blacklisting, provision for bad debt, write-off, corporate collections, statement of accounts, etc. The features will be gradually introduced, with planned completion in Sep 2014. When completed, VESALIUS will provide a comprehensive view for all patient and corporate bill collections from a single source. The changes require modifications to financial system interfaces.


VESALIUS.geo is a comprehensive web-based solution that helps hospitals manage their patient information, through incorporated best-practices drive improvements in frontline & healthcare services with embedded patient-safety measures.

Read more about VESALIUS here.

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