Jan 2021 – HSC Medical Center (HSC), conveniently located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, within walking distance of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers was officially opened by the Minister of Health on 18 February 2003. It is an award-winning medical centre and a one-stop advanced health screening hub for local and international visitors and patients.

Apart from offering comprehensive health screening, it also offers cardiac and endoscopy services, and will soon provide general surgery services. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and is backed by internationally-trained medical professionals.

In December 2019, TE Asia Healthcare Partners acquired HSC with in partnership with top orthopaedic surgeons to transform HSC into a specialty orthopaedic centre. With this acquisition, TE Asia plans to expand HSC’s facilities to 40 beds and 4 operating theatres from its current 7 beds, 1 cardiac laboratory and 1 operating theatre.

As part of its bold improvement plans, in early 2020, HSC embarked on acquiring a new and more comprehensive Hospital Information System to replace the existing system. Multiple vendors including Nova were invited to participate in the RFP which Nova was eventually successful in its bid to implement VESALIUS-HIS/EMR.

The VESALIUS roll-out will cover outpatient & inpatient management, appointment/roster, inventory, billing & 3rd party payors, pharmacy, electronic medical record (EMR), operating theatre (OT) and others. To enable seamless sharing of data and integration of work processes, VESALIUS will be interfaced to 3rd Party systems such as PACS, laboratory system, MIMS drug database and back-end Financial System.

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