May 2021 – Nova is pleased to announce that the latest version of VESALIUS now runs on Apple iPad and supports iPadOS 14.4.x.

This would bring about much-needed mobility to users who move around to serve patient such as:

  • Doctors in the wards and clinics
  • Nurses in the wards and treatment room
  • Customer relations officer with VIP patients to improve service delivery such as biodata confirmation and consent taking
  • Pharmacist on drug counselling
  • Patient signing consent form
  • Health screening on test results
  • Users who wish to share info on screen

VESALIUS runs natively on Apple iOS Safari browser in application mode with a zoom factor of 85% for an optimized resolution.

User can easily create a shortcut icon on iPad home screen. The shortcut is to launch VESALIUS HIS.

The iPad is suited for users who:

  • Prefer high mobility and portability
  • Work anywhere with Wi-Fi/data plan
  • Prefer keyboard and mouse
  • Use Apple Pencil 2nd Gen for hand writing on screen and convert to typed text
  • Provide patient care at bedside


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