VESALIUS Implementation at Gleneagles JPMC

Jan 2012 – Established in 2002, Gleneagles JPMC Sdn Bhd (GJPMC) is a private specialist hospital in Brunei Darussalam. GJPMC is a joint venture between Parkway Pantai Ltd. a subsidiary of Parkway Group Healthcare, a major Singapore healthcare company, and the Government of Brunei Darussalam. It is the first hospital in Brunei Darussalam to set up a world-class tertiary Cardiac Centre.

In early 2012, GJPMC signed a deal with JPMCnova, a joint-venture partner with novaHEALTH to implement VESALIUS in the specialist centre.

With GJPMC running on the VESALIUS platform, the vision of integrating the 3 hospitals including Jerudong Park Medical Centre and National Cancer Centre on the Jerudong campus has become a reality. Although operating independent systems to allow each entity to continue with their unique work processes, the seamless flow of share-able information across the institutions will improve both patient safety as well as cut down on waiting times.

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