PAVO™-Starfleet for Telecommunication, Milestone Win in Vietnam

In the recent years, the Vietnam Government has been investing much effort to encourage the community to utilize the Internet for businesses and to raise the quality of life style within the country. In the process, several e-Government initiatives were established to kick start this effort. Given the side of the country, efforts are still in progress to improve the network infrastructure, such as bandwidth for Internet access, and to bring to cost of Internet usage down to a manageable level for the community norms.

Vietnam Datacommunication Company (VDC), a leading provider of telecommunication solutions and services in Vietnam has envisaged potential business opportunities in this area when this infrastructure has fully matured. Riding on the e-Government initiatives, VDC has decided to embark on pilots with several large organizations to provide e-Government Virtual Office solutions for their employees, such as Human Resource Management, and Sales Management. These solutions will initially start off in an Intranet environment, which will progressively roll out into an extranet portal as the network infrastructure and social acceptances in Vietnam progresses.

This concept of an e-Government Virtual Office was studied and evaluated together with novaMSC for over a year before a tender was called by VDC to invited parties. PAVO™-Starfleet was selected because of its ready-to-deploy model, open standards on widely accepted and proven enterprise platform, ease of customization and the wide spectrum of solutions available out-of-the-box for enterprise office system.

The project was eventually awarded to our partner, Niem Tin Company (NTC), a leading System Integrator for e-Government Solutions in Vietnam, for implementation. The scope of work includes customization, installation and training by NTC for VDC. novaMSC will conduct knowledge transfer to NTC to perform front-line support to VDC. novaMSC will also conduct language localization into Vietnamese to PAVO™-Starfleet that can subsequently be enhanced by NTC. In the pipeline, VDC wants to enhance PAVO™-Starfleet to support additional applications such as portfolio management to sales. VDC will use the APIs available in PAVO™-Starfleet for further development, for its list of clients. Our success with VDC is our first installation in Vietnam.

Software Product
PAVO™-Starfleet is a fully integrated web-based e-Government Virtual Office Solution that is built to complement your daily business operation in mind. Simple to set-up and learn, this suite of application covers personal to business functions such as Sales Management, Human Resource, Procurement, Announcements, Resource Management and more. It is Internet and Intranet ready out-of-the-box for easy access wherever you are. Therefore, when you have sales team on the go access to your office will just be an Internet-click away.

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