This article was originally published on Adobe Blog on 4 Jun 2019

Jun 2019–Hospitals are on the cutting edge of technology, filled with lifesaving devices that are changing the face of medicine and helping people live longer, healthier lives. At the same time, many of them are dealing with siloed, outdated systems for their clinical and administrative processes—everything from hospital admissions and patient medical records to disease management. Their challenge—a common one for healthcare organizations—is to update systems and integrate data for smoother, more cost-effective operations.

novaHEALTH helps organizations tackle this crucial transition, so they can focus on their primary concern—high-quality patient care. The company’s health information and clinical information systems are integrated and web-based, helping hospitals and clinics across Asia improve patient safety and satisfaction, and they’re built on Adobe ColdFusion.

ColdFusion was novaHEALTH’s platform of choice as it set out to build its enterprise healthcare solutions in 2002, and it has been a powerful development tool ever since.

“Since we made it our rapid web application development platform, Adobe ColdFusion has kept growing with novaHEALTH’s technical and functional requirements,” says Chittesh Mehta, AVP Product Development at novaHEALTH. “Every subsequent ColdFusion release has provided the momentum novaHEALTH needs to keep up with web application trends.”

ColdFusion has made it easy to build integrated modules for different workflows, such as admitting patients, managing payments, and ordering lab work. novaHEALTH customizes these workflows to match each customer’s unique processes and links the relevant data, making sure information is available at the point of care when needed. For example, when a physician orders an X-ray for a patient, the order automatically shows up in the radiologist’s task list.

One key to success is the ability to accomplish a lot of coding work with a small team. Thus, even though the company is busy juggling custom requirements among customers, including local variations in language, currency, and regulations, developers can build and deploy new features quickly. That’s thanks to a markup language that’s easy to master, with intuitive scripting, built-in productivity features, and rapid upgrades and debugging.

“novaHEALTH built an enterprise scale product with minimal development staff using Adobe ColdFusion. This would have not been possible with other technology,” explains Mehta. “ColdFusion lets us optimize our development approach while realizing a huge manpower savings.”

Greater speed and efficiency for novaHEALTH is good news for hospitals and clinics as they look for ways to increase efficiency and improve patient care—bringing their administrative and clinical workflows up to par with continuing advancements in medicine.

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