novaCITYNETS congratulates BCA on the launch of CORENET e-Submission

November 2001 — The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has launched a flagship project, CORENET e-Submission here, for the building and construction industry in Baucon – Asia 2001. Baucon – Asia is a regional trade exhitibtion for the construction industry organized once every 2 years, and this exhibition is jointly organized by the BCA, the Singapore Institute of Architects Building Centre, Messe Munchen GmbH and Conference, and Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd.

CORENET e-Submission is an electronic online system available anywhere anytime, developed to ease the approval processes by the various government bodies regulating the construction industry in Singapore. It facilitates round-the-clock electronic submission, processing and approval of project documents in a secure environment via the Internet. All construnction-related documents, plans, designs, certificates, permits and fees can now be processed electroncially, therefore saving the industry a significant amount of time, money, paperwork and manpower.

CORENET e-Submission system is an example of the e-Government Collaborative Framework that novaCITYNETS has designed and developed. It is a web-based application that improves G2G and G2B communication. Such an application not only eases interaction between the parties, but aids transactions like the submission of building proposals. The public can log onto this electronic platform to correspond with, and submit applications for evaluation and approval by any government agency. Government agency personnel can simultaneously utilise our other range of products to evaluate and relay decisions back to them via the same electronic platform. Such transactions are secured and verified using digital signatures to ensure the authenticity of the content or user.

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