Nova to Implement CRM in RSPI

Sep 2006 – In a world of increasing competitiveness and relentless cost cutting, understanding customer needs and working to meet their demands at the right pricing level is critical to any business. Customer relationships are becoming more important in the battle for competitive advantage. The healthcare industry is especially exposed to such challenges as private-paying patients of today are provided with a widening range of choices.

More and more, organisations are realising that Customer Relationship Managemnt (CRM) systems are powerful business tools that extract, mine and present information in a way to assist management in understanding customer behaviour and subsequently making informed decisions relating to the business.

Together with novaMSC, Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah in Jakarta is embarking on a project that will take advantage of information collected by their HIS to enable them to better understand and subsequently manage their customers through the gradual introduction of reliable systems, processes and procedures. The project will adopt a holistic definition of customer – placing patients, relatives, doctors and business partners in its plan to improve service-levels.

The CRM project is an extension to RSPI’s successful implementation of novaMSC’s VESALIUS-Hospital Information System™ and is scheduled to be rolled-out by end 2006.


  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer retention
  • Customer acquisition
  • Identifying future growth areas

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