10 Jan 2022 – Nova is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with  ENL-Nova (ENLN) for the provision of FORNAX ePlanCheck Software with associated support to ENLN’s Electronic Physical Planning Process System Project awarded by Lagos State Government, Nigeria.

Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) is the authority for the processing and issuance of all planning permits in the State. The decision to adopt digital processing system paths the way for quicker permit services, and a common data depository for compliance checking of the various regulations and order. FORNAX ePlanCheck will proliferate the digital transformation in the region, especially in the e-submission, 2D plans checking and subsequently 3D BIM checking domain.

The project will be based on pay-per-use revenue model with a duration of 10 years from 2022 -2031.



About FORNAX ePlanCheck

FORNAX ePlanCheck is a result of intensive R&D efforts derived from many years of experience implementing numerous BIM related projects, programs and initiatives with governments and private sectors in Singapore and various other countries in Asia, Europe, Middle-east and the United States. Our years of experience in BIM includes the Singapore CORENET systems for e-Submission, and ePlanCheck for the Singapore agencies in automated Regulatory Compliance checking projects. In addition, we have been providing BIM implementation services and consulting expertise to the building and construction industry for an array of iconic development projects over the past 20 years.

FORNAX ePlanCheck capabilities include automated regulatory compliance check, BIM data management, query-able model data, BIM data check, BIM quality check, clash detection, model comparison, BIM review collaboration, document management, tasks management, ability to customise checking rules with configurable parameters and so much more.


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