Nova Launches New Version of OTM

To Include New Modules & Enhancements

20 Jul 2004 – Nova is releasing VESALIUS-OTM (Operating Theatre Management) V7.0 with two new modules included as part of the standard package.

Since the recognition that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is transmissible by blood transfusion there has been increasing public and professional support for autologous blood donations before elective surgery. Autologous blood donation is, however, a more expensive process than the donation of allogeneic blood by community volunteers, hence the management of this process is important.

It is for this reason that Nova incorporated the Autologous Blood Collection module – to record the blood collection and transfusion status for operations that require autologous blood. This is to ensure that blood collections and withdrawals are properly scheduled.

Another module, Big Board View was developed to primarily keep track of the patient’s location movement within the operating theatre, e.g. Preparation Area, OT, Recovery Room, ICU and Ward. Like a flight information display in an airport, the Big Board View provides an overview of the patient’s progress and movements within the surgical environment. Refreshed at the pre-defined frequency, the results can be projected onto LCD screens located strategically in the OT as well as waiting area for relatives.

Besides the 2 new modules, Nova has also incorporated another resource-optimizing feature in the product. Instead of a fixed duration for a surgery, the length of surgery used in the booking will be based on historical data collected in the database and is surgeon-specific. In other words, the system will compute the previous, say six similar procedures and provide an accurate estimate for the surgeon involved.


Nova’s VESALIUS-OTM is dedicated to providing the industry a suite of products aimed at improving the delivery of care to the patients, from the time they are scheduled for a surgical procedure up to the time they recover at the wards.

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