Mar 2019–Nova has launched a mobile application to improve hospital’s engagement with their patients and visitors alike on most pervasive of digital platforms.

The mobile app, named VESALIUS.m (mobile) is geared towards boosting customer engagement with features to allow visitors to browse for doctors within the selected hospital for information such as clinical specialisation, qualifications and working hours. With doctor availability information in the system, appointments can also be easily made, cancelled or modified through the app.

One of the biggest bug-bears of outpatients is the uncertain waiting times. To help hospitals improve patient services, VESALIUS.m will send alerts to the users when their consultation time is approaching. This will also help the hospital minimize the crowd at outpatient waiting areas.

VESALIUS.m will serve as a reference for patients who can conveniently search and view their own hospital visit history and essential medical records such documented drug allergies, medical alerts, past medications and test results. The data is seamlessly and securely integrated with VESALIUS-HIS to download these patient-relevant information.

The development of VESALIUS.m does not stop at patient-centric features but is expanded to cater to doctors, providing them with essential information on-the-go.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users running iOS 10 and Android 5.1.1 or later.

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