Nova Hosts Nigerians


July and August this year brought more than a hundred Nigerian visitors to Nova’s office. They were senior civil servants from the various departments in then Lagos State Government which deal with planning and building control.

The visitors came in four batches, each of about 25 officials, and were on a study tour initiated by our local partner in Nigeria – Eartholeum Networks Limited. The main contracting party for this study tour is the Singapore Co-operation Enterprise (SCE). Each group spent five days in Singapore. They visited government agencies including the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), and Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and were briefed on the policies and procedures which have made Singapore so successful in managing development.

Each group also spent a day with Nova. Several staff members explained and demonstrated our E-Government solutions PAVO and OCTANS, implemented in many award-winning projects. Amongst other things, our visitors were impressed with the electronic submission of building and structural plans by architects and engineers in Singapore. The visitors all showed a keen interest and there was a good deal of discussion and a very positive response.

Our group CEO, Mr Steven Chan, has travelled to Nigeria to follow up on the strong interests shown. Together with Eartholeum, he made a series of presentations of CORENET (Construction and Real Estate Network) Project and City Planning & Management Systems to the Lagos State Governor and his officials.

Figure 1 – Nova Chairman, Mr. Steven Chan with Mr Adediran Joseph Ayodele, Deputy Director from Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development, Lagos State Government

Figure 2 – Group Photo taking session – Delegates from Lagos State Government with Nova





About PAVO-Collaborative Framework & OCTANS

PAVO Collaborative Framework is a platform product scalable to meet different types of collaborative transactions seamlessly over the Internet between individuals and organizations, be it government or private sector. As such, PAVO™ is packaged with the necessary workflow and document management, process intelligence and secured transmission features. With thousands of users worldwide, it is also the platform integrating our other products – OCTANS & FORNAX.

OCTANS is a series of products that supports functions which are carried out by local government organisations such as city councils, municipal councils, district councils in controlling and managing land planning and development. OCTANS™ was developed to support the complex processes and interaction between developers, their professional advisers, and the authorities.

Both PAVO and OCTANS are built entirely on J2EE platform, adhering to open systems standards to ensure that applications-specific modules can be easily plugged-in.

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