Nova contributes to success of IAI International meetings

5 Nov 2004 – Nova participated in an IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability) event held in Singapore, 28 Oct – 5 Nov, 2004. Nova was represented by Mr. Wawan Solihin, who is assistant technical coordinator of IAI(S). With his team of experts, Nova shared their knowledge and vast experience with the IAI International community on the implementation of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) in the real project for automatic e-PlanCheck system and FORNAX™ product.

As part of the annual meet, Nova co-ordinated and participated in the IAI code-checking certification, this time for FORNAX™-Viewer together with Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD. Nova successfully achieved full certification for its FORNAX™ viewer product together with ArchiCAD. This certification means official recognition that FORNAX™ conforms to international standards for code-checking requirements.

Figure 1 – Wawan Solihin presenting at IAI Technical Workshop

Nova also confirmed its leadership in IFC code-checking implementations by making three presentations at IAI International Technical Meeting – Vendor ITM User (ITM-VIU) workshop.

Wawan Solihin, representing IAI Singapore-Chapter and PlanCheck project
Title: Lessons learned from experience of code-checking implementation in Singapore: Success, Challenges and future outlook

Naveed Shaikh (Nova), Thomas Liebich (AEC3)
Title: Impact code-checking usage on IFC model, CAD, and End users: the challenge of imperfect data

Chidambaram (Nova), Jeff Wix (AEC3)
Title: Assessment of IFC model sufficiency for Building Services code-checking and readiness of CAD

Also during the international meet and for the very first time,the e-PlanCheck Project was unveiled to the building &
construction industry in Singapore and IAI International community. A presentation and a ‘LIVE’ demo of the system was conducted much to industry acclaim during IAI Industry Day “Oops”, it’s here, on November 3, 2004.

From the presentation, Nova received encouraging feedback from a field of international participants including Norway, Japan, USA, Finland and Taiwan.

IAI is an alliance of organizations within the Construction and Facilities Management industries dedicated to improving processes within the industry through defining the use and sharing of information. Organizations within the alliance include architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, software vendors, information providers, government agencies, research laboratories, universities and more.

IAI’s mission is to integrate the AEC/FM industry by specifying Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) as a universal language to improve the communication, productivity, delivery time, cost, and quality throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance life cycle of buildings.

FORNAX™ product was developed to perform automated checks on electronic building plans and development plans against building and land regulations (or guidelines) for design compliance. With this product, users can perform building and land design assessments in a quick and consistent manner.

The software reads digital plans, performs automated evaluation of the plans against a database of codes of practice and regulations, and produces reports on compliance or otherwise. On receiving the report, the examining officer may grant a waiver for non-compliance in certain cases. The final results are then used for follow-up action between the developer, the designer and the authority.

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