Mar 2022 – Nova is delighted to announce National University of Singapore (NUS) has awarded a contract us to do research collaboration to develop a solution to link and check Structural Analysis & Design (A&D) reports against Building Information Modelling (BIM) models.



In the current workflow, typically there is a discontinuity in term of the Structural BIM and the A&D results. From the industry practitioner’s perspective, there is a manual process that requires C&S modelers to re-enter/update the C&S model with the A&D output, which is error prone and time consuming. In addition, the Structural QP will need to cross check A&D report with the C&S models prior to submission to BCA. From the Authority’s perspective (i.e. BCA), it is challenging for the processing officers to ensure that the code compliance of the structural design has been incorporated into the C&S models consistently according to the A&D results.


This research project is part of Cities of Tomorrow (CoT) R&D programme that is administered by BCA and National Research Foundation (NRF) that is awarded to the NUS Civil and Environmental Engineering under Dr. Justin Yeoh as the Principal Investigator. The main aim of the project is to improve inter-operability between different environments and gain productivity improvement on the submission and processing of structural A&D reports and BIM models. The final outcome will be a set of tools and process that will allow robust link between the A&D results and the C&S BIM and to minimize manual efforts to synchronize between the two sets of application while maintaining the open standards. This will allow the uniform open standards using IFC-SG standards that is being developed, specific extension for the Structural compliance, as well as the system to perform the automatic compliance check.


With the wealth of experience NOVA has with BIM, BIM data, automatic compliance system, and IFC standards (and the fact that NOVA is developing IFC-SG standards for BCA and GovTech), we provide valuable contribution to the overall research project. The scope of NOVA’s contribution to this research project include:

  1. To develop the software plugins for export and import of the going-to-be-develop ISS (IFC-SG Structural Schema) to C&S BIM and A&D software,
  2. To develop exporter from IFC-SG schema to the ISS


About IFC-SG

IFC is a platform-neutral and open file format specification for data exchange in the construction industry.  The IFC data model was developed and maintained by buildingSMART International since the 1990s.  The IFC-SG is a definition of localized MVD (Model View Definition) that captures BIM Data information that covers the scope for automating regulatory compliance checks. As part of the IFC-SG project offering, our flagship product; FORNAX ePlanCheck is deployed in the cloud to automate the BIM data validation process to ensure that the IFC output from most commonly used BIM authoring tools are IFC-SG compliant.


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