Nova Clinches Project in Brunei

May 2006 – After demonstrating the quality of its solutions against a field of international competitors, Nova MSC Berhad (Nova), through its subsidiary novaCITYNETS has made a significant breakthrough into Brunei Darussalam with the signing of a contract to implement the Land Transport Information System (or Sistem Pengangkutan Darat – SPD).

SPD will go a long way in supporting Brunei’s e-Government initiatives through a web-portal and open architecture, which allows the Land Transport Department (LTD) to improve service to the citizens and related-businesses. When launched, SPD, as a ‘front-end environment’ will make for easier issuance of more durable driving licenses, vehicle license labels and log books, renewals, permit applications, vehicle registration & inspections and management of revenue collection.

SPD will also be central to providing accurate and up-to-date vehicles and drivers’ records, thereby eliminating possible means of fraud. Besides internal users in LTD, the system will also be open and cater to the needs of car dealers, public and users from other Ministries.

Steven Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Nova said, “The key to Nova’s success in clinching this milestone project is our domain knowledge and experience in implementing similar projects in other parts of the world. When completed, SPD users will experience all the key benefits such as 24×7 access, online processing and tracking.”


  • Increase efficiency in issuance of licenses and documents, e.g. drivers license, vehicle license, vehicle registration book, etc.
  • Provide a centralised database for accurate and updated vehicle and drivers records
  • Assist traffic law and enforcement for instant online inquiry
  • Minimise forgery and fraud activities
  • Maximise government revenues
  • Increase efficiency in processing of application permits
  • Improve traffic violation management through introduction of the demerit point system

Taking full advantage of the internet infrastructure, SPD will link up the LTD’s business operations at Beliat, Muara, Tutong, Temburong with a centralised database at the headquarters instead of isolated clusters of information located at different sites.

The SPD system will be based on Nova’s Collaborative Framework for e-Government, PAVO™ which is also employed by Perbadanan Putrajaya in Malaysia, Building and Construction Authority, Vietnam Datacommunication and more specifically Singapore, Land Transport Authority, Singapore which implemented a similar system1.

This project is the first won by Nova MSC in the Sultanate and is worth approximately RM 15 million.

1 Singapore Land Transport Authority’s VITAS was successfully launched in June 2003 and was subsequently awarded the Minister’s Innovation Award by the Ministry of Transport. Read more about VITAS here.

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