Jun 2018 – We are proud to announce that Management and Science University (MSU) has awarded a contract to Nova to implement the full suite of VESALIUS at their first hospital located in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Figure 1 – Slated to open in 2018, the 250-bed teaching hospital Management and Science University Medical Centre (MSUMC) is set to cater to a wide demographic of patients across various medical specializations

The 250-bed MSU Medical Centre(MSUMC) is set to cater to various distinctive areas of diagnosis and treatment, from general medicine, surgery, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and allied therapies, to rehabilitation, nursing and pharmacy. Specializations include internal medicine; obstetrics and gynaecology; paediatric; ophthalmology; otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat) and head and neck; orthopaedics, traumatology and rehabilitation; anaesthesiology and intensive care; psychiatry; radiology; pathology; urology; endoscopy; and dentistry.

To meet the intricate operational needs of the medical centre, MSUMC has selected to roll-out the full spectrum of VESALIUSofferings. This includes the adoption of a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record that is fully integrated with their imaging and laboratorysystems.To improve the hospital’s service efficiency and overall patient experience, Nova has also worked with MSU to design a Queue Management System to run seamlessly with VESALIUS.

Upon opening MSUMC is expected to attain high patient load rapidly so Nova’s experience in integrating with back office Financial Systems, in this case SAP BizOne is an added business advantage.

MSUMC is expected to open in Q4 2018.

About Management and Science University (MSU)

MSU is home to nine academic faculties including the International Medical School (IMS), the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), and the School of Pharmacy (SPH). Between them, the Cluster of Medical and Health Sciences faculties offer undergraduate programmes of study ranging from medicine and surgery, nursing, and medical laboratory technology, to radiotherapy, optometry, and pharmaceuticals technology. MSU is all set to present its MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC) in 2018.

In its role of a teaching hospital, the MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC) will serve both the University’s students and members of the public.

Designed for multidisciplinary medical service, MSUMC will be in a position to offer a host of medical practices ranging from general practitioner to family and emergency, to numerous specializations.

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