LTA awards Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System (VITAS) Contract

January 2002 — The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore has awarded a contract to novaCITYNETS, valued at close to US$1.4 million. This contract calls for the effort to implement a secured Internet-based system to cater for Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System (VITAS) for LTA.

This project uses novaCITYNETS’ PAVO™ as the underlying product for development of an integrated system for the Authority. This project sees a collaborative partnership by novaCITYNETS with BEA, SUN and D1 (Data Centre) in delivering this solution for LTA.

In ensuring the safety of vehicle owners and road users to the environment, LTA requires all new types and models of vehicles, as well as vehicle modifications, to be inspected and approved before they are allowed for use on the road. The current system consists of manual processes, declaration forms, correspondences and procedures, which will see this new Internet-based system from novaCITYNETS integrating them into an efficient and seamless operation for applications to the Authority. The main pool of users for this system will come from Motor-Car Dealers, Authorised Inspection Centres, Parallel Cars Importers, Local Body Fabricator and Individual Vehicle Owners located in Singapore.

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