Infocomm Technology Innovations in Healthcare

Oct 2007 – In recent years, Singapore’s healthcare institutions have been pushing the envelope in using ICT to improve existing methods and introduce innovative applications into the healthcare system. Two years ago, 12 innovative projects from the healthcare and ICT sectors were supported through the previous Healthcare Call-For-Collaboration issued by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

One of the innovations developed by novaHEALTH was a project for Singapore’s National Skin Centre to allow doctors to do away with the reliance on pen and paper. The system provides a toolkit which allows users to describe patients’ conditions diagrammatically with precise location of the clinical findings in electronic form. All annotated charts are integrated with the centre’s Electronic Medical Record and retrievable during consultations. The project has led to better patient care because doctors can now record more accurate information to chart the progress of skin disorders.

The project also sought to establish diagnosis and treatment protocols by correlating physical findings and treatment plans for improved disease management.

The toolkit was developed on top of VESALIUS-CMS (Clinical Management System) that was deployed in the centre.

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