FORNAX™ Roll-out In Norway

1 Nov 2005 – Nova has made a significant breakthrough into the European market with the signing of a contract to implement a pilot project to determine the feasibility and application of our technology, specifically Automated Building Plan Check system called FORNAX™.

The customer, STATENS BYGNINGSTEKNISKE ETAT (BE) or the Norwegian National Office of Building Technology and Administration is based in Oslo while Nova was represented by its wholly-owned subsidiary NovaCityNets Pte Ltd. SBE performs building code checking on submitted building & services plans for the construction industry in Norway.

As a provider of integrated e-Government solutions and internet professional services, Nova has developed a unique computer software solution that utilises the International Alliance for Interoperability’s Industry Foundation Classes 2x Edition 2, a unique, object-oriented, open-source data structure standard. This international standard guides the assembly of shared information models to be used in the description of physical structures with computer-aided design (CAD) tools and other software.

SBE made this decision to directly award Nova the contract when it had determined that no other vendor is currently able to provide this unique solution.

“This contract follows another direct award by New York City Council for a similar implementation. It represents continued industry confidence in and global acceptance of our expertise and a unique product,” said Steven Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Nova Group.


FORNAX™ product was developed to perform automated checks on electronic building plans and development plans against building and land regulations (or guidelines) for design compliance. With this product, users can perform building and land design assessments in a quick and consistent manner.

The software reads digital plans, performs automated evaluation of the plans against a database of codes of practice and regulations, and produces reports on compliance or otherwise. On receiving the report, the examining officer may grant a waiver for non-compliance in certain cases. The final results are then used for follow-up action between the developer, the designer and the authority.

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