Nov 2022 – Earlier in November, EyRIS was named as one of the awardees for the Frontiers category in the inaugural edition of the AsiaStar 10×10 campaign. The award recognizes startups that are developing deeply technical products for users in the region that are making an impact. The award presentation was jointly organized with the Apsara Conference, and held at The Greenhouse @ SMU Connexion.

EyRIS is a company that is trailblazing in First Stage Medical Diagnostics. Our flagship product SELENA+ is a deep-learning system (DLS) that is designed to concurrently detect diabeticretinopathy, glaucoma suspect, and age-related macular degeneration has a market reach in 26 countries. Another exciting AI initiative is RetiKID detect chronic kidney diseases (CKD) using retinal fundus images, will see her foray into diseases that are not ophthalmic in nature.

We are also delighted to have Dr. Gilbert Lim, one of EyRIS’ co-founders, share his insight into the advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the healthcare industry during the packed event.

The inaugural edition of the AsiaStar 10×10 campaign, launched by Alibaba Cloud, is part of its Project AsiaForward initiative to foster and advance digitalization talents, digital entrepreneurs, and digital technologies in Asia. This campaign recognized companies, communities, and projects that have affected meaningful change in the Southeast Asian region over the past year.



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