Oct 2020 – We are pleased to welcome Assoc Prof Gavin Tan onto our Advisory Board. Gavin is a Senior Consultant at the Retina Centre in Singapore National Eye Centre, specialising in General Ophthalmology and Cataract Surgery, and a subspecialist in vitreo-retinal surgery. In addition, he is actively involved with academic research and leads multiple Clinical Trials at the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI).

Gavin is the clinical director of the SNEC ocular reading centre (SORC), which is one of the major imaging reading centres for diabetic retinopathy and retina clinical trials in Singapore. He is involved in the development and implementation of a national diabetic retinopathy telemedicine screening program in Singapore and is studying the use of novel approaches including optical coherence tomography, automated detection of retinopathy and personalized screening intervals to improve cost effectiveness and efficacy of diabetic retinopathy screening. SORC is also instrumental in the development artificial intelligence methods for the interpretation of retinal imaging. Besides imaging, Dr Tan has research studies aimed at identifying novel biomarkers and improving treatment strategies in diabetic retinopathy. He also works in collaboration with the Endocrine and Nephrology groups at examining ophthalmic complications in diabetes and nephropathy trials.

As the Clinical Director of Singapore National Eye Centre Ocular Reading Centre, Gavin is well-positioned to provide invaluable advise on organising large scale screenings, overcoming deployment challenges and formulating business strategies.

We welcome Gavin on board and look forward to his contributions to EyRIS’ growth.

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