Endoscopy System: An Introduction To Another Clinical Module

20 Nov 2004 – Endoscopes have revolutionalized many investigative procedures in modern medicine, for instance laparasocopic surgery, the diagnosis of peptic ulcers, of some lung tumours and those in the urogenital tract. As a result, most hospitals have a department dedicated to this specialty. We have responded to this need by incorporating a specialist module into VESALIUS.

Our Endoscopy module was designed specifically for medical staff (endoscopists, nurses) to intelligently capture detailed information of patients undergoing such procedures. Such information includes pre-operative data (checklist, diagnosis), intra-operative data (instruments and implants used, operative notes and findings) and post-operative data (post-op care, post-op monitoring).

Figure 1 – Bronchoscopy Findings

From a product line perspective, the Endoscopy part of the Operating Theatre Management suite of products and is a module within VESALIUS-CIS™.

VESALIUS-Endoscopy comprises of the following sub-modules:

  • Bronchoscopy
  • Colonscopy
  • Cytoscopy
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography)
  • Gastroscopy

Nova’s Endoscopy module is distinctively designed with a main menu depicting the anatomy with various investigative locations. For instance, the ERCP menu on the left is colour-coded at various points to provide the endoscopist a quick overview of investigations based on his findings.

These points with red representing abnormal findings, also store the endoscopist’s clinical notes. The pictorial menu also allows the user to navigate briskly between his notes.

Endoscopy has been comprehensively developed to support the unique workflow and clinical data requirements of the different sub-modules. To lessen the user’s dependency on extensive data entry especially in peri-operative findings and post-op instructions, we have also incorporated the standard-text feature, whereby the user can retrieve from a list of pre-defined text from a shared library.

 The system is widely parameterized to allow the hospital to set-up their preferences, for instance, gastroscopy therapy procedure codes used in the look-up and dropdown lists.

Standard management and administrative reports such as Operational Reports, Surgical Incident Reports and Charge Forms are generated automatically from the system.

VESALIUS-Endoscopy has been implemented in both Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital.

VESALIUS-HIS™ is a software product that supports the administrative functions within a hospital including scheduling, patient registration, pharmacy, inventory, operating theatre management and billing. It also supports electronic medical records management for physicians and patients. To support the clinical needs of a hospital, VESALIUS also comprises of physician support systems, nursing care, disease management, peri-operative charting and specialist modules.

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