BQVI Re-Certifies ISO for Nova

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement, Nova as an ISO-certified (International Standards Organizations) organization recently went through recertification, an exercise that is mandatory every 3 years for ISO-certified companies.

Both on-site and desk audits conducted result found 100% conformance to the Quality Management System for the Nova Group of Companies.

In summary, the auditors confirmed the following:

  • System Strengths / Weaknesses & Opportunity for Improvement – the Nova QMS System strength is a well-developed system that reflects the organization’s dedication towards
  • Maturity of the system – Nova QMS is a matured system that not only meets all the requirements of recommended standards but also includes a strong evidence of conscientious application and operational control. Response towards Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) demonstrates swift rectification
    was noted.
  • Effectiveness of the System with regards to achieving objectives / organization’s policy – the system remains, aided by internal audit and management reviews effective. Additionally, an Improvement Plan was formalised to measure performance.

Since 2001, Nova’s Quality Management System (QMS) has been in place to guide activities that affect quality and is implemented within the Nova Group to ensure that requirements for project delivery and product development are met. The QMS covers pre-sales activities through project management, product design & change and post-implementation support to ensure these activities are conducted in accordance with the commitments of our QMS.

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