Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore Hands Down Decision

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (“AGC”) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the rule of law and strengthening the efficiency and integrity of Singapore’s legal system. In carrying out it’s prosecutorial functions, AGC seeks to promote a just criminal system by pursuing a fair and impartial policy in the prosecution of offenders.

As the Government’s legal adviser in all aspects of public administration law, criminal law, international law, legislation and law reform, AGC is able to provide a vast array of legal expertise for the good governance of Singapore.

In its endeavour to roll-out a state-of-art management system to accomplish their organization objectives, the AGC recently awarded Nova a contract to supply, deliver, install, test and commission a fully operational Enterprise Legal Management System (ELMS), and subsequently maintain the system.

The ELMS is an initiative by the AGC under their 3-year IT plan to help generate significant efficiency gains through effective Matter Centric Management. While the new system is to replace the present manual process of managing and administrating legal matters in AGC, it is also the intent of the AGC to leverage on Information Technology to increase employee productivity, efficiency in management of data, information and knowledge across the five legal divisions and two supporting divisions.

Once ELMS is fully implemented, it will bring about fundamental changes and a whole new experience to the way AGC is currently managing and administering its legal matters, where manual processes will be automated. ELMS will be a single Matter Centric Collaboration Platform with an integrated view of information in a paperless environment. It will also facilitate the sharing of legal knowledge and collaboration on legal processes with partners and client agencies.

The Enterprise Legal Management System will be developed on Nova’s flagship product; PAVO™ Collaborative Framework, which has seen many successful implementations in other ministries and agencies, both locally and overseas.

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