12 Jan 2023 – The iconic comic character Mr Kiasu is the ultimate FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) type that many of us can identify with or at least associate with some people we know. Mr Kiasu was recently transformed into a robot soon to be deployed as a librarian at an upcoming comic book library to recommend comic books to young readers.

True to Mr Kiasu’s heartland identity, the robot has been trained to communicate in Singlish, an informal, colloquial form of English that is used in Singapore.

The robot is designed and developed by DEX-Lab that specialises in building social robots that enrich lives by connecting technology with human beings. Another variant of the robot Dexie was developed from a therapists perspective and was recently trialed at a couple of nursing homes through the “Community Care Digital Transformation Plan” to augment manpower resources.

We thank Mr Johnny Lau, creator of Mr Kiasu for partnering us on this exciting initiative and Lianhe Zaobao, the largest & oldest Chinese-language newspaper in Singapore for featuring the project.



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