10 May 2024 – On the recent Sunday, VESALIUS – Nova’s hospital information system complete with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) went LIVE in Kasih Ibu Hospital, Saba in Bali. KIH Saba is the 3rd hospital in the group to hop onto the VESALIUS system.

From the word get-go in early March, the things moved at breakneck speed. There was hardware right-sizing for more users, setting up of user accounts, end-user training, workflow dry-runs, etc. Remarkably, the system was switched on in less than 2 months and hospital operated without hiccups. This demonstrates the many benefits of VESALIUS’ centralised system where users familiar with the system can be drawn to support the transitional period, rapid deployment (no need for re-installation, configuration and setting up of codes).

VESALIUS Multi-Organization Architecture (MOA) allows the running of a single system and sharing the same database for multiple institutions, a framework that also enables hospitals to differentiate the services that they provide, pricing they wish to charge patients and also centralize services such as purchasing.

Most importantly, this unique design supports vision of One Patient-One Record that gives care providers access to the complete patient medical record regardless of which hospital he practices in.

By adopting VESALIUS-MOA, Kasih Ibu Hospital Group had gained tremendously from shortening the deployment timelines and substantial cost-savings in operating a centralised system.

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