novaCITYNETS Awarded ERA Project by Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded to novaCITYNETS, a subsidiary of Nova MSC Berhad the project to implement a web-based Enterprise Registry and Archival (ERA) System on 1st November 2012.

The ERA System shall serves as LTA’s corporate wide record management and document management platform with an aim to provide end-to-end management for all corporate resources in both physical and electronic forms throughout their lifecycle; from capture and registration to archival and eventual destruction or permanent preservation. The ERA System shall manage all forms of documents ranging from emails, contractual documents, reports, and even drawings up to AO size.

The ERA System will replace four of LTA’s existing systems and allows LTA to manage all its resources and collaborate in a unified manner.

The ERA System will be developed on Nova’s flagship product; PAVO™ Collaborative Framework, which has seen many successful implementations, both locally in Singapore and overseas. Know for its robustness, high scalability and reliability, PAVO™ has served as the secured enterprise framework, providing unified collaboration and management, for all of our customer’s large scale mission critical implementations.

About LTA, Singapore

LTA are responsible for planning, operating, and maintaining Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and systems.

It envisions a people-centred land transport system that meets the diverse needs of Singapore’s growing population and expanding economy. As part of its vision, LTA are determined to ensure physical accessibility for all, provide affordable transport and promote environmental sustainability in all their transport solutions.

By 2020, Singapore expects daily journeys to increase from 8.9 million to about 14.3 million.

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