17 Feb 2022 – NOVA MSC Berhad, the exclusive distributor of EyRIS’ products in Malaysia, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) and Rhazes Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd (RHAZES), a tele-pharmacy platform provider, to bring its AI Deep Learning Technology, SELENA+ to mainstream adoption in Malaysia.

Under the collaboration, EyRIS’ AI deep learning technology, SELENA+, will be deployed to AMO’s more than 1,000 members across Malaysia via RHAZES Telehealth. RHAZES Telehealth is Malaysia’s first knowledge-based telehealth service provider through its brand Rhazes TeleOpto.

Nova MSC’s General Manager, Mr Nazeroll Kasim, said: “We are optimistic that the collaboration with both AMO and RHAZES will drive forward the adoption of SELENA+ in Malaysia. During the pandemic, we have seen a rise in telehealth and how it has gradually moved towards mainstream adoption.”

According to En. Ahmad Fadhullah Fuzai, President of AMO, “The deployment of SELENA+ to AMO’s member practices across the country will help to improve the range and quality of our services. This synergistic partnership with Nova will see the launch of SELENA+, and it will be deployed initially in 55 practices across Malaysia through Rhazes’ TeleOpto Platform, eventually expanding to the other member practices within a year.”



SELENA+ is capable of detecting up to 3 retinal diseases, principally diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma suspect and age-related macular degeneration. Early screening and detection of these diseases can significantly reduce vision loss, and in the case of diabetic retinopathy, studies have shown that diabetes-related vision loss can be reduced by up to 47%. EyRIS’ SELENA+ has been approved for use by the Malaysian Medical Device Authority since 22nd June 2020.

Aside from that, there will also be an addition of a new algorithm to detect chronic kidney disease (“CKD”) through the same fundus image used by EyRIS’ SELENA+ to detect the 3 retinal diseases mentioned earlier.

Nova MSC’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lai Teik Kin added, “The addition of this new algorithm will help us to be a gamechanger in the first stage diagnostic, a drive towards being able to implement rapid screening tools to aid early detection for systemic diseases. Our CKD algorithm boasts an 85% accuracy rate, and uses of the non-invasive fundus imaging allows results to be generated within 10-15 seconds with ease, speed and accuracy,” Mr Lai said.

He also pointed that the recent gold award won by EyRIS at the Techblazer Awards 2021 in the Most Promising Innovation category is a sign of the Group’s push to bring world-class technology into the world. The Techblazer Awards is Singapore’s highest accolade for technological innovation.

The push to deploy SELENA+ into mainstream adoption in the healthcare services has seen the availability of its technology in 26 countries.

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About Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO)

Since 1984, the Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) has grown from strength-to-strength to 1,000 members today, all of whom are graduates. Optometrists are acknowledged primary eye care professionals who can recognise eye problems. As the association representing member optometrists, AMO seeks to promote by all reasonable means, the encouragement and advancement of the science of optics in its application to the preservation of sight.


About Rhazes Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Rhazes Consultancy Services (RCS), the pioneer in knowledge-based digital health-hub provider that fuses that expertise of digital technology and evidence-based health practice. RCS provides digital healthcare information and solutions to thepublic and professionals through Rhazes Telepharmacy and Rhazes TeleOpto. Rhazes Telepharmacy has almost 30 Pharmacy Consultants  in various fields of services , geared to provide online consultations that will be beneficial to the public. RCS has recently created the brand Rhazes TeleOpto , which will soon provide teleoptometry services to Community Optometrists or AMO members nationwide.


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