Dec 2017 – In 1987, the Kasih Ibu Hospital (KIH) Group started as a maternity hospital in Denpasar. That was the first private hospital in Bali at the time. As part of KIH’s growth, it converted the hospital into a general hospital in 1991 to serve a wider segment of the community. Since then, KIH has expanded to four different locations, giving KIH the widest healthcare reach in Bali.

In 2017, KIH sought to replace their hospital information system with a system that brings along with international best-practices and also support their EMR requirements.

NOVA is pleased to announce that we have been chosen to implement VESALIUS in the Kasih Ibu Hospital Group in Bali, starting with Denpasar and then Kedonganan.

The VESALIUS hospital information system will be deployed along with electronic medical records and a physician support system to enable doctors to perform CPOE, receive results and perform clinical documentation. The system will also be interfaced with KIH’s RIS/PACS and Laboratory Information System for a seamless workflow.


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