GENIE – Another Legal Case Management System Win By NOVA

The Legal Aid Bureau (LAB), a department under the Ministry of Law, Singapore has recently awarded to novaCITYNETS, a subsidiary of Nova MSC Berhad the project to implement the LAB Case System. The project is known as GENIE that stands for paper-less (Green) Intelligent E-System.

The introduction of GENIE will see the automation and streamlining of entire case management processes with an aim to improve operational efficiency and productivity of LAB, better customer service to LAB’s clients and improve collaboration with LAB’s partners.

GENIE shall support end-to-end case management operations starting from registration of a case, conducting means tests, statement taking, granting of aid, assigning cases, managing and tracking the case until case close, with extended services to relevant stakeholders via e-Services and m-Services.

Aside from internal users, GENIE is expected to benefit the public, LAB’s clients and partners like the pro-bono solicitors and law students. Some of the benefits include:

  • The intuitive integrated paperless case management system would increase work effectiveness, reduce manual administrative work and better management and accountability;
  • Support green initiatives and saving cost for going paperless;
  • Better customer service for the public and clients with faster turnaround time and ease to access to LAB’s services (e.g. e-Service to support checking of eligibility for aid and individual’s case status and e-submission)
  • Improve delivery and reduce administrative tasks of assigned solicitors via the Assigned Solicitor Portal.
  • Allow law students to self-manage their participation for internship and pro-bono activities.

The GENIE System will be developed on Nova’s flagship product, PAVO Case Management Suite. Known for its robustness, high scalability and reliability, PAVO has seen many successful large-scale mission-critical implementations in the region. PAVO serves as the secured enterprise framework that extends unified collaboration and management for all of our prestigious customers.

About Legal Aid Bureau

LAB was setup in 1 July 1958. It was established as a social service to ensure that the poor will have equal access to justice. LAB became a department under Ministry of Law in 1984 where it remains to this day. LAB is governed by the Legal Aid and Advice Act (Cap 160). To qualify for the legal services, the applicant will have to pass the means and merits test requirements.

The Services provided by LAB includes:

  • Legal Advice which comprises of the provision of Oral legal Advice;
  • Legal Assistance which covers the drafting of legal documents;
  • Legal Aid which encompasses the representation of applicants in court proceedings.

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