28 Mar 2024 – Professor Wynne Hsu, leading the Institute of Data Science at the National University of Singapore, is a key figure in data science and AI in healthcare, focusing on developing new machine learning techniques for real-world applications. Her significant contributions include SELENA+, a deep learning-based solution for the screening of eye disease (diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract) from retinal images and has co-founded Eyris Pte Ltd. She is the lead-Principal Investigator in the AISG Grand Challenge in Healthcare to combat diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidaemia in Singapore, with ongoing clinical trials at SingHealth.

The ASIA WOMEN TECH LEADERS (AWTL) AWARD seeks to recognise 50 accomplished women technologists working and based in Asia. This inaugural award is focused on inspiring women who make the tech happen. They are deep into the research and development of emerging and nascent technologies and tasked with managing and deploying tech projects.

EyRIS extends our heartiest congratulations to Professor Wynne Hsu, one of EyRIS co-founders in being named on this prestigious list.

Both Profs Hsu and Mong Li Lee have been the pioneers in introducing deep tech into healthcare industry with SELENA+ being the direct outcome of this. Kudos to the ladies in tech!

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