14 Feb 2022 – Riding on the success of SELENA+, EyRIS has sought to expand our capabilities by investing in cutting edge AI deep learning technology to detect other form of diseases.

Through the National Healthcare Group (NHG) Centre for Medical Technologies & Innovations (CMTi), EyRIS is thrilled to announce a new Research Collaboration Agreement with a Public Healthcare Institute in Singapore to develop a new proprietary AI that detects melanoma using a mobile phone camera.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and early detection is critical in increasing the 5-year survival rate to 99%. With one in every three cancer diagnoses being skin cancer and the high melanoma incidence rate of 3.4 per 100,000 worldwide, the ability to detect skin cancer early through non-invasive, mobile imaging will contribute to the global fight against skin cancer mortality.

The planned deep learning algorithm will leverage big data and advanced clinical assessment techniques to accurately evaluate skin lesions based on the dermatological standard known as the ABCD’s of Melanoma (Asymmetry, Borders, Colour and Dermatoscopic features).



About National Healthcare Group (NHG) Centre for Medical Technologies & Innovations (CMTi)

 The National Healthcare Group (NHG) Centre for Medical Technologies & Innovations (CMTi) plays an integral

 role in the innovation ecosystems to help facilitate the development of innovative MedTech solutions that can address unmet healthcare needs and contribute to improved patient and healthcare outcomes.

Together with NHG clinicians, we continuously look out for opportunities to develop better and innovative solutions to improve the delivery of healthcare to the population and empower them to “Live Well”  across the Five Segments of Care; namely Living Well, Living with Illness, Crisis & Complex Care, Living with Frailty and Leaving Well.


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