Building Construction Authority of Singapore to use PAVO™ and OCTANS™ for Integrated Submission Processing System

August 22, 2003 – The Building Construction Authority of Singapore awards novaCITYNETS a US$2.6million (S$4.5million) contract through an open tender, to develop and maintain an Integrated Submission Processing System, also known as ISPS.

The main objective for this system would be to streamline and enable the mission-critical processing and approval activities for the management and staff in the Building Control Division of the Authority’s organization. It also seeks to provide a common platform and a set of interlinked processes and procedures for users to receive, assess, process and approve/disapprove submissions and applications, document and file responses, as well as to correspond with one another with external parties.

The development duration for this Project will be about 15 months with maintenance for a period of 6 years, where application software and services constitute over 85% of the project value. This project will include PAVO, a collaborative framework product for e-Government solution, deployed over J2EE infrastructure, and it will incorporate one of OCTANS module for Building Control function.

Briefly, ISPS will be a web-based system that will integrate coherently into the existing Authority’s CORENET system, which will provide inputs to be processed downstream. Apart from facilitating communication within the Authority and external parties for services notices, permits, licenses and other official documents and correspondences, it will automate conversion of Lotus Notes emails and Microsoft Office Documents into a standardized platform for archival and retrieval. The authority will have online abilities to receive, index, assign and re-assign users for operational task, view, review, search and retrieval, archival and sharing of details in applications and submission. The system will eventually have a common working platform to facilitate the receipt, routing, processing, approving and disapproval of applications, as well as preparations and documentations of the responses. The system initially is expected to handle up to 6000 electronics submissions per month, at a rate of one electronic submission every 3 minutes.

The main group of users for this system includes the management and official personals of the Building and Construction Authority, as well as qualified practitioner in the land and building industry.

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