Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore Awards Project to NOVA to Localise IFC Data Model

Aug 2020 – Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has awarded to novaCITYNETS, a subsidiary of Nova MSC the project to develop a Localised Industry Foundation Class (IFC) Information Model.

BCA and its appointed representatives plans to adopt the internationally-accepted standard Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) as the base for the common representation for BIM model submissions by Qualified Persons (QP) to relevant approving agencies. Through adoption of IFC-BIM models comprising of civil & structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical & plumbing components, Singapore has taken the first steps to transform the construction industry. The common standard will provide an effective collaboration and communication between stakeholders in construction projects; ultimately bring increased quality and productivity.

IFC is a platform-neutral and open file format specification for data exchange in the construction industry. The IFC data model was developed and maintained by buildingSMART International since the 1990s. The model allows for customisation of properties to the existing list of IFC classes. In this project, some localisation is needed capture the information that is unique to Singapore and requires regulatory checks. The IFC data model that is enhanced to address the local Regulatory Requirements is named IFC-SG.

In this project, NOVA is contracted to map agencies’ regulatory rules to corresponding IFC representations. Information not reflected in prevailing IFC parameters is to be included as part of IFC-SG.

As part of the project offering, our flagship product; FORNAX ePlanCheck is deployed in the cloud to automate the BIM data validation process to ensure that the IFC output from other BIM authoring tools are IFC-SG compliant. The tools and services offered on FORNAX Cloud works comparably with IFC certification process.

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About Building and Construction Authority, Singapore

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) champions the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. “Built environment” refers to buildings, structures and infrastructure in our surroundings that provides the setting for the community and future generation.

Some of the core functions in BCA include; Building Engineering, Building Plan and Management and Special functions to provide Enforcement & Structural Inspection, Civil Defence Engineering, Transit Shelter Engineering and Emergency Preparedness.