Minister’s Innovation Award for EVRS

 The Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS), a system implemented by Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore using novaCITYNETS’ PAVO has been awarded the Minister’s Innovation Award (Distinguished) from the Ministry of Transport. It was selected by the Chief Innovation Committee (CIVO) on the basis that the project was innovative and unique, and had made a significant impact on operational efficiency and effectiveness. It has garnered positive feedback from motor dealers, as they are now able to react quickly in the event of a recall.

The Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS) was developed to replace the manual system in managing vehicle recalls. The EVRS leverages on Nova’s PAVO– an e-Collaborative Framework solution to bring to the motor industry a whole new dimension of convenience in notifying LTA and affected vehicle owners of vehicle recalls, and in updating LTA on the progress of the recall programme. With the EVRS, motor dealers are now provided with the latest vehicle ownership information of vehicles affected by recalls so that notification letters would reach the vehicle owners sooner than before. As a result, vehicle owners will be informed of recalls earlier and more affected vehicles get rectified earlier. This helps to improve the vehicle and road safety in Singapore.

Motoring public can also use the EVRS to check if their vehicles are affected by recalls and the recall history of their vehicles as well as details of recent vehicle recalls initiated in Singapore.

The system made it possible for LTA to improve operational efficiency in managing vehicle recalls without the need to deploy more manpower. The manual processing and storage of documents had been replaced with electronic filing of recall information in database. This enables speedy information retrieval for recall statistics and report generation.


  • Electronic submission of vehicle recall notifications by motor dealers
  • Automatic extraction of ownership particulars of in-use vehicles for notification of current owners
  • Notification to motor dealers if the vehicles imported had been earlier subjected to an earlier recall
  • Continual updates to LTA on the progress of rectifications
  • Informing motor dealers of de-registration prior to the rectification
  • e-Services portal for vehicle owners and public to check details of vehicle recalls, and vehicle history
About PAVO™-Collaborative Framework

 The implementation of EVERS was based on PAVO™ Collaborative Framework, Nova’s flagship product. PAVO™ is a platform product scalable to meet different types of collaborative transactions over the Internet seamlessly between organisations, be it government or private sector. As such, PAVO™ is packaged with the necessary management, process intelligence and secured transmission features. With 1,000+ users worldwide, it is also the platform integrating our other products – OCTANS™ & FORNAX™.

PAVO™ was built entirely on J2EE platform, adhering to open systems standards to ensure that applications-specific modules can be easily plugged-in.

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