21 Jan 2022 – The Singapore SME 500 Award was launched by Association of Trade and Commerce (ATC), Singapore to recognize the country’s leading Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across major trade and industries that have contributed significantly to Singapore’s economy. Today, the SME 500 Award continues to recognize Singapore SMEs that have been developed and managed effectively, honouring leading businesses that have proven its success.

The SME 500 Award serves as a prestigious recognition for the winning SMEs’ success. Through nominations or recommendations, the SME 500 Award committee assesses and qualifies credible SMEs to be awarded the SME 500. This year, the urgency for businesses to further transform to survive is well-reflected in the poignant theme, “Business Resilience amidst COVID-19”.

Despite a global lockdown that has lasted nearly 2 years, EyRIS has forged ahead on many fronts. We have gained regulatory approvals for SELENA+ in many countries and expanded our offering of this deep learning system to amazingly 22 countries, the furthest being Brazil and the latest being Bangladesh. Our endeavour has been recognised in the SME ranking system that scores based on performance and market position.

EyRIS is proud to be recognised for our ability to transform and sustain our business during this challenging year with this SME 500 award.


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