Dealings in listed securities (Chapter 14 of listing requirements):Intention to deal during closed period

22 Jan 2015

The Company wishes to inform that the following Directors and Principal Officers have given notice of their intention to deal in the securities of the Company during the current closed period pending the announcement by the Company of its results for the third quarter ended 31 December 2014. Their current holdings of the Company’s securities are as follows:-

Direct Interest (units) Direct interest (%) Indirect/ Deemed Interest (units) Indirect/ Deemed Interest (%)
Name of Directors
Chan Wing Kong 16,770,230 3.40
Dr Victor John Stephen Price 9,428,211 1.91
Name of Principal Officers
Lai Teik Kin 4,808,170 0.97
Tan Yew Soon 2,940,070 0.60
Tan Chee Ping 637,340 0.13 2,202,000 0.45


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