SUN Microsystems publish Success Story World-Wide

April 2002 — Sun Microsystems published a Success Story world-wide on a project implemented by novaSPRINT using SUN Microsystems Products and Technologies.

“The electronic submission product designed by novaSPRINT and the infrastructure platform provided by Sun allows us to manage the processing of electronic plans and documents effectively”, said Mr Cheng Tai Fatt, project manager of the CORENET eSubmission system. “Efficient management of project information also provides for better coordination amongst the agencies and enables us to respond to our customers in a timely manner”.

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore wanted to improve on its services rendered to professionals in the construction and building industry. Submission had been done manually with hundreds of applications received on a monthly basis. These in turn had to be processed manually, involving coordination and approval with more than 10 regulatory bodies. The solution was to provide a one-stop, non-stop submission infrastructure to enable industry professionals to submit plans electronically from the comfort of their offices or homes. The supporting infrastructure and G2B (Government to Business) e-Submission workflow solution were provided by SUN Microsystems and its iForce partner, novaSPRINT – an e-Government solution provider respectively. The system was successfully implemented in end 2001. The solution for BCA is the first of its kind in Singapore, which allows virtually every building submission type to be made electroncially via the Internet from businesses to government agencies. There would be significant savings in terms of materials and time as public need not make multiple hardcopies of drawings and need not make frequent trips to agencies for submission.

With the completion of the system, BCA has significantly overhauled its submission process with the Internet as the main medium of information dissemination, as opposed to manual and physical means of submission.

Today, professionals need only register and log in to the CORENET e-Submission website, fill in the respective approvals forms, attach the necessary documentation and submit them online. Form submission is made secure through the use of digital signatures. They can also track the progres and approval status of their submission online.

At the recipient end, the relevant regulatory agencies need only download the respective submitted documents, update the relevant information and finally, handle the necessary correspondence. The entire workflow cycle is automatically tracked and managed.

For more information on this article, read this PDF document by Sun Microsystems.

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