St. Louis Hospital Chooses VESALIUS

22 May 2004 – When Archbishop Louis Vey, Apostolic Vicar of Roman Catholic Mission in Siam established the non-profit St. Louis Hospital along South Sathorn Road in Bangkok back in 1898, little must he have imagined the progress that the institution could make in a century. As the hospital enters its second century, it is constructing a fully equipped 24-storey building complete with rooftop heliport for emergency patient evacuation, to support over 500 inpatients and over 2,000 outpatients per day across a comprehensive range of clinical specialties.

So when St Louis decided to replace their ageing Hospital Information System, it was clear that they wanted a strategic partner with a leading solution to help the organization meet its information current needs as well as support its future growth.

“As a well-respected hospital in Thailand, we wanted to take this replacement opportunity to ensure that we invested wisely on a solution that supports streamlined work processes, cost management and at the same time, enhance overall patient experience, “ said Rev. Father Prasert, Hospital Vice-President.

Together with its partner – Thai GL, novaMSC participated on an extensive and rigorous evaluation process set-out by Rev. Father Thananthong, Head of IT Department, responsible for the hospital’s overall IT strategy and development. In the end, VESALIUS-HIS™ was selected by St Louis Hospital (SLH) for its flexibility and comprehensiveness as their product of choice to deliver improved patient services

SLH targets to launch Thailand’s first fully-integrated web-based hospital information system before end 2004. The system covers inpatient and outpatient management, pharmacy, patient billing, medical records tracking and clinical management. The clinical management module will be integrated with Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS) and Laboratory instruments for real-time results retrieval to ensure that caregivers are provided with a complete set of clinical information.

“Besides tackling priority issues such as patient waiting times and overall operational efficiency, the hospital is interested in Clinical Management using technology as this is expected to improve patient care. In VESALIUS, we found a product that represents next generation in healthcare solutions, one that integrates both business and clinical needs of a hospital,” said Father Thananthong.

“The HIS could not come at a better time where the emphasis on efficiency with speed, accuracy and safety have never been more important. VESALIUS can help harness hospital-wide knowledge and information of a distributed healthcare provider to offer better service to the ever mobile patients via the Internet, ” pointed out Khun Loh, General Manager for Thai GL.

“The hospital’s plan to improve patient services via innovative application of technology is very much in line with the Kingdom’s endeavour in becoming a medical hub. With all the localization incorporated into VESALIUS, St Louis Hospital will be a showcase site for Nova and TGL. Certainly, we are looking at it to spearhead for greater success in Thailand, ” said Lai Teik Kin, novaMSC’s Director for Business Development.

The contract was finalized in the first quarter of 2004.

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