4 May 2023 – Aqaba Medical Sciences University (AMSU) and Jordan Medical Association (JMA) jointly organised the inaugural Physician Scientist Summit which serves as an important congregation of stakeholders in the scientific medical research landscape – providing collaborative opportunities, scientific tools and knowledge to Jordanian physicians at all levels. It is the country’s largest medical scientific gathering.

EyRIS is proud to be invited to share the journey of an AI start-up with its 1st product flagship product SELENA+, an AI that is able to detect 100% of all Vision Threatening Diabetic Retinopathy from a fundus image. Dr Steven Ang spoke to an audience of 250 people, made up of ophthalmologists, clinician scientists and others. The journey spanned from navigating the uncharted waters of regulatory approval, understanding the different ecosystems, building up viable uses cases and eventually commercializing the product.

We thank the organisers especially Dr Saif Aldeen AlRyalat for organizing such an interesting event and the opportunity to meet with KOLs in the field of ophthalmology!

Our business development team that also travelled to Jordan – Jasmine Goh & Jasmine Sie deserves special mention for lugging hardware from Singapore to Amman and back so that KOLs and distinguished attendees had the chance to experience our technology.





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