July 2021 – At a time when the world is grappling with a global pandemic and routine ophthalmic services in hospitals are affected, it gives us great pleasure to share that artificial intelligence, EyRIS SELENA+ has been able to contribute to free community vision screenings organised by medical students and supported by “Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science” from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS). This is to assist the under-served by offering access to screening for vision threatening diseases which left untreated, could lead to gradual vision loss.

“Analysis of retinal images assisted by a cloud base Artificial Intelligence in screening for AMD, DR and Glaucoma allows for not only faster screenings and triage but as a consequence, we can increase the number of subjects we can screen in a day dramatically streamlining our efforts. EyRIS, SELENA+ created by top ophthalmologist in Singapore have changed community based screening by reinventing distant healthcare, “Dr Ben Szirth, Director of Tele-Ocular Health at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School said.

EyRIS is both proud and grateful to Dr Ben Szirth & his team at Rutgers NJMS for including us in this inspiring initiative .



About Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, a graduate medical school of Rutgers University runs a rigorous curriculum that places emphasis on combining holistic educational experiences with lessons learned by on-the-job training, New Jersey Medical School students are taught by venerated faculty members to become highly-skilled and compassionate physicians who deliver a particular brand of medicine and healthcare that is defined by extraordinary skill, professionalism, and respect for the patient.


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