novaCITYNETS seals partnership with Norwegian company

29 Oct 2004 – As the leading provider of Building Plan Checking software, novaCITYNETS actively participates in international seminars with their Norwegian counterparts, EPM Technology. So it wasn’t a surprise when both companies seized the opportunity to seal a partnership agreement during the Norwegian Royal State visit to Singapore, led by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway.

The partnership agreement will see joint efforts on marketing of a packaged solution that includes FORNAX™ and EPM’s Express Data Model (EDM) in Norway.

Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway were in Singapore to attend a seminar to establish a framework for collaboration between Singapore and Norway, in both public and private sectors. Collaboration was evident in the joint presentation of Norwegian System for e-Government, ByggSøk, involving the Norwegian Homebuilder Association, Statens Bygningstekniske Etat, Oslo Kommune, DDS, EPM technology, Octaga as well as novaCITYNETS.

During this session, Nova demonstrated 2 key scenarios using e-PlanCheck system, which was developed for Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore and implemented using our flagship product FORNAX™. The first scenario saw FORNAX™ successfully perform an auntomated check on Norwegian Munkerud House project against the Norwegian zoning regulations.

The second scenario ran a series of intelligent checks of a Norwegian building, specifically Oslo’s AHUS hospital against Singapore building regulation. The success of the verification demonstrated FORNAX™’s potential for internationalization in different regulatory environments.

Signing ceremony of partnership between novaCITYNETS Pte Ltd, Singapore by Chairman Mr. Steven Chan and EPM Technology AS, Norway represented by CEO Mr. Jorulv Rangnes, and witnessed by (from left to right): Director of Bygningstekniske Etat Mr. Gustav Pillgram Larsen, Director of Boligprodusentene, Mr. Per Jæger, Political adviser Mr. Roger Iversen, KRD director Mr. Ole Molnes.


FORNAX™ was developed to perform automated checks on electronic building plans and development plans against building and land regulations (or guidelines) for design compliance. With this product, users can perform building and land design assessments in a quick and consistent manner.

The software reads digital plans, performs automated evaluation of the plans against a database of codes of practice and regulations, and produces reports on compliance or otherwise. On receiving the report, the examining officer may grant a waiver for non-compliance in certain cases. The final results are then used for follow-up action between the developer, the designer and the authority.

About Express Data Manager
EXPRESS Data Manager is a product suite from EPM Technology designed to meet the needs of engineering and manufacturing enterprises to accurately and reliably exchange and share technical data about a product with colleagues, customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and other business partners.

This article was contributed by Mr. Wawan Sohilin, Senior Management for Product Development, novaCITYNETS.

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