Nova Releases Reporting Module for VESALIUS

Mar 2013 – Nova MSC, provider of healthcare IT solutions and services, celebrates the 10th version of VESALIUS with the release of a new module – Ad-hoc Reporting. This module provides an adaptive authoring environment for bespoke reporting needs and supported by VESALIUS multifaceted data repository – an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database to meet the differing aspects of administrative, operational, clinical support and clinical needs of a dynamic healthcare organisation.


While VESALIUS provides an extensive list of canned reports to serve the basic reporting needs, hospital administrators and healthcare decision makers have a wider range of responsibilities that demand a wider range of capabilities necessary to improve decision making: create ad-hoc queries, build custom reporting and set-up active charts.

By performing extract, transform and load (ETL), the Ad-hoc Reporting delivers an independent report schema, which can be segregated from the operational VESALIUS HIS & CIS database, ready for analysis and reporting. The report schema is built on a dimensional framework to provide metadata service and business information.

Dimensional Data Views encapsulated within logical abstraction of Business Views help simplify the reporting experience of the business users through a web-based, graphical Report Writer.

Ad-hoc reporting is a requirement that many organizations find out-of-reach within their current reporting environment. Most reports must go through the lengthy process of request-build-test-modify-test-deploy and often have to repeat the entire process one or more times before an end user finally receives the template necessary to build the report they need.

To solve this problem, Mr. Kwang Chong Khoon, VP Consulting in novaHEALTH explained, “VESALIUS Ad-hoc Reporting is incorporated to provide a simple, web-based, query and reporting interfaces that allow users to have alternatives to standard reports and allows even inexperienced users to quickly create meaningful reports.”

VESALIUS Ad-hoc Reporting is a non-invasive solution without direct intervention into the production application databases thereby safeguarding the data.

Third party analytical and reporting tools can also leverage on the accessibility of Ad-hoc Reporting’s report schema, with minimal performance downgrade to the operational users of VESALIUS.


VESALIUS.geo is a comprehensive web-based solution that helps hospitals manage their patient information, through incorporated best-practices drive improvements in frontline & healthcare services with embedded patient-safety measures.

Read more about VESALIUS here.

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