Nova Appoints Partner in Thailand

Aug 2012 – In recognition of the country’s growing opportunities, novaHEALTH has appointed Healthcare Intelligence as a partner to spearhead its business development in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Along with several healthcare specialists, Dr Boontham Harnpanich who has many years experience in the healthcare circle founded Healthcare Intelligence to provide reliable IT solutions and services to the industry.

“After evaluating several potential partners, we felt that VESALIUS with it processes is a good fit to Thai hospitals and would bring along advantages of having incorporated proven practices into the system. We also visited Nova’s office in Singapore and felt comfortable with the capabilities of the resources and management,” Dr. Boontham said.

Mr. Lai Teik Kin, CEO of novaHEALTH noted, “Thailand has been long known as one of the medical hubs of Asia, with many good-class hospitals offering the most advanced treatments. We expect a boom in the healthcare services sector; either new hospitals or expansion of existing ones and correspondingly, the need for hospital information systems that meet international standards.”

Thailand treats 1.6 million foreign patients annually from as far away as US and the Middle-East. With an annual growth rate of 14%, the foreign medical services sector is expected to make THB100 billion (USD3.3bn) by 2015. Acknowledging the boom, the Thai government has taken measures to actively promote the country’s professional yet affordable healthcare services to international clients.

“With Healthcare Intelligence, Nova is confident of entering the Thai market and making a significant impact to the healthcare informatics industry,” Mr. Lai.

VESALIUS training for HI consultants was conducted after the signing of this agreement.


VESALIUS.geo is a comprehensive web-based solution that helps hospitals manage their patient information, through incorporated best-practices drive improvements in frontline & healthcare services with embedded patient-safety measures.

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