ISV Spotlight : novaCITYNETS Rising with Sun

novaCITYNETS (NCN) is a successful e-Government Solutions Provider with a proven track record in implementing many large scale industry-focused solutions together with Sun Microsystems on the Solaris platform in the Asia-Pacific.

NCN Products

NCN’s suite of e-government solutions are categorized into 3 main groups:-

  • PAVO™ – As the Collaborative Framework for E-Government, PAVO is packaged with the necessary document-application connectivity, process intelligence and secure transmission features. With 1,000+ users worldwide, it is also the platform integrating our other products.
  • OCTANS™ – A comprehensive City/Local Council Management System designed to support the complex processes and interaction between developers, their professional advisers, and the authorities.
  • FORNAX™ – Electronic Plan Checking System, a first in the world system that perform automated checks on electronic building plans and development plans against building and land regulations (or guidelines) for design compliance. With this product, users can perform building and land design assessments in a quick and consistent manner.

The success of NCN’s solutions is clearly underscored by its implementations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and most recently UK.

Solution Differentiation

Customers choose NCN solutions for these distinct reasons

  • Quick to deploy strategy – with ready applications, the customer is able to drastically reduce turnkey development risks and eliminate open-ended timelines. All products are feature-rich and parameter-driven, thus shrinking the need for extensive project-specific modifications.
  • Domain knowledge – experienced professionals who understand and can assist customers in seeking an optimal solution to their operations.
  • Seamless integrated platform – besides the applications, we provide customers with the opportunity to own a unified desktop, access control and standardized protocols for communications and business processes.
  • Built on J2EE – inheriting advantages on performance robustness, enterprise wide solution and guaranteed scalability.
  • Open systems philosophy – embraces open systems technology to ensure vendor independence as well as adopting standards such as Java-based API and XML for seamless integration.

About novaCITYNETS
With qualified industry professionals to reinforce in-depth industry knowledge, novaCITYNETS is focused on designing and developing ready-to-deploy products and applications that assist local councils and government agencies to effectively automate their business. At the same time, their solutions bring together, seamless interactions and transactions between citizens, the private sector and the government via a single web-based framework.

Committed to open systems standards and J2EE platform, NCN places great emphasis on product R&D to ensure that its solutions continue to remain relevant to the industries concerned.

extract from Sun Microsystems website

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