15 Feb 2024 – Established in 1996, Island Hospital (IH) in Penang has grown to become a 600-bed internationally accredited healthcare facility that provides quality care to both local and international communities. With a total 200,000 health traveller visits from more than 70 countries in 2023, IH stands at the forefront of medical tourism in Malaysia. As a result, IH holds the distinction of being the sole hospital in the northern state to be listed by Ministry of Health in the prestigious Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Program (FMTH).

In 2020, IH replaced their ageing hospital information system with VESALIUS from Nova. Since late last year, Island Hospital has collaborated with Nova to right-fit VESALIUS.m Mobile App to help the hospital harness mobile technology in improving patient experience and engagement.

Mr Nazeroll Kasim, Executive Director of Nova MSC shared his enthusiasm on the project, “Nova recognizes that care delivery does not end when the patient or relative/s leave the hospital. Consequently, we developed a seamlessly integrated mobile app that is aimed at providing information such as doctors’ directory, patient’s visit & billing history, upcoming appointments, etc and e-services such as appointment management. Aside from building a stronger brand, IH will surely benefit from stronger patient engagements.”

A standout feature is the real-time Queue Tracker which allows patients to monitor the queue status virtually, giving them the freedom to visit the hospital café or retail pharmacy without the fear of missing out on his turn. Through the collaboration IH was also able to introduce modules such as patient feedback, loyalty programs, health screening promotional packages coupled with instant appointment booking.

Ms Lim Kooi Ling, Chief of Staff of Island Hospital said, “The VESALIUS.m Mobile App is a game-changer for our patients and staff. Its user-friendly interface and real-time updates provide convenience and efficiency, aligning with our commitment to delivering care in the best interest of our patients. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of digital healthcare innovation with Nova MSC.”

Looking ahead, Island Hospital plans to incorporate additional features into the app such as logistics arrangements and e-payments for patients further transforming how the hospital delivers holistic care.

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