14 Jul 2022 – EyRIS recently had the opportunity to showcase her latest innovation, RetiKid, on Mediacorp Channel 8 Primetime News segment. RetiKid is a deep learning algorithm that is able to detect Stage 3 and above chronic kidney disease (CKD) using retinal fundus images, without the need to draw any blood from the patient.

RetiKid can be marketed in concert with EyRIS’ flagship product, SELENA+, which is used to screen for common eye diseases caused by diabetes. SELENA+, which obtained its regulatory approval in Singapore in 2019, and subsequently went on to attain her CE Mark in early 2020, is a deep learning algorithm that can detect up to three retinal diseases, primarily diabetic retinopathy (DR), age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and glaucoma suspect.

Diabetic patients are much more predisposed to developing kidney conditions and studies have shown that at least 1 in 3 diabetic patients will develop CKD in their lifetime. Thus, the regulatory approval of EyRIS’ newest technology will bring both synergistic and opportunistic benefits to all diabetic patients who are supposed to have their eyes screened at least once a year.

On the TV program, EyRIS’ Senior Vice President for Business Development, Steven Ang, also emphasized that this algorithm can also equate to the reduction of the cost incurred, whereby only those who are flagged with chronic kidney disease are referred for further consultations or treatments.

RetiKid is exclusively licensed worldwide to EyRIS. The forthcoming implementation of RetiKid will afford immense value to all our existing partners across the globe, providing them with a competitive edge when benchmarked among peers in this field.


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