22 Jan 2024 – EyRIS is thrilled to announce that we have officially appointed One Health, a subsidiary of PureHealth, as our exclusive distributor within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Recognized as the largest integrated healthcare provider in the UAE, PureHealth’s collaboration with EyRIS signifies the initiation of a transformative alliance poised to redefine healthcare standards across both public and private sectors. Notably, PureHealth’s recent IPO and subsequent listing in December 2023 further underscore their robust performance in the market.

Our shared objective is unequivocal: to optimize the prioritization of patients with severe or vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy. By empowering healthcare professionals to concentrate on targeted treatments, we aspire to significantly minimize, if not eradicate, preventable blindness attributable to diabetic retinopathy.

EyRIS looks forward to championing this transformative initiative, which aligns with our mutual commitment with One Health, in fostering positive health outcomes within the UAE communities.

About One Health:

One Health, an esteemed entity within the PureHealth Group, serves as the authorized distributor for leading Medical and Diagnostic device brands. As the premier integrated healthcare provider in the UAE, PureHealth encompasses over 25 hospitals and 100 clinics, offering comprehensive medical solutions to an extensive customer base of over 300 healthcare providers. One Health’s dedicated sales, service support, and engineering teams consistently collaborate with healthcare facilities, enhancing operational efficiency and patient care.

About EyRIS:

EyRIS stands at the forefront of medical innovation, harnessing artificial intelligence to revolutionize diagnostic imaging. Specializing in early detection of chronic diseases, our cutting-edge AI algorithms meticulously analyze retinal images, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in disease screening. Committed to redefining patient care, EyRIS empowers proactive health management through technological advancement.

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